How to make your hajj and umrah experience more convenient and meaningful - Some useful tips and tricks

tips to make of your hajj and umrah journey with the wudhu socks, the perfect tawaf socks
“And proclaim the Hajj to all the people: they will come to you on foot and on lean camels, coming from distant places,”
(Chapter (22) sūrat al-ajj (The Pilgrimage)

Hajj (pilgrimage) is the fifth pillar of Islam and is considered a sacred occasion. Muslims worldwide embark on the same journey as Prophet Muhammad PBUH did centuries ago. Hajj must be performed by every Muslim at least once in a lifetime if they have the means. Thus, people from every corner of the world visit the Holy City of Mecca to perform this obligatory act of worship. 

For this year’s Hajj, Alhamdulillah one million Muslims are expected to travel to the Holy City of Mecca. Pilgrims enter the state of Ihram before performing Hajj. The Ihram clothing worn by men and women has some differences. The outfits use two sheets of unstitched white cloth; for the man some part of the body remains exposed, but for a woman the ihram clothing must conceal the entire body.  

If you are traveling for Hajj this year, then we have a bucket list of things for you to tick before you embark on this sacred journey. We are here to guide you through this important and rigorous process before you fly off to the Holy City. 

  1. Be Physically Prepared:

Hajj includes walking miles under the extremely hot weather conditions of Saudi Arabia. The five to six days of Hajj include a variety of physical activities and, if you wish to complete all of them smoothly, then you should be mentally and physically prepared. It is useful to get in shape and watch your diet before the journey begins. Exercising and walking frequently can help prepare your body to build endurance.  

It is also wise to pack some healthy snacks that can help maintain energy and endurance throughout Hajj. 

Since Hajj includes a lot of walking, you should buy a comfortable pair of shoes. Suggestion: before your Hajj journey begins, get a pair of The Wudhu Socks!  When wearing The Wudhu Socks it is not necessary to remove your socks to perform wudu; rather you simply wipe over the socks (perform masah). They are extremely useful during your trip over, for example while you are in the airport and especially on the airplane – those tiny sinks and bathrooms make it very difficult to wash feet! They are also great for traveling between cities. Note that men cannot wear socks while in the state of ihram, but women can wear the socks during the entire Hajj.

  1. Bring Supplies:

While being physically prepared for Hajj, another pro tip is to double-check all your supplies before you fly off to the Holy City. You will be needing a bunch of different supplies during Hajj. For spiritual supplies make sure you carry the following items:

  • Ihram 
  • A small Quran
  • A travel prayer mat
  • A tawaf counter beads (tasbih)

As for other general supplies, ideally you should pack the following items:

  • Toiletries and medical supplies
  • Daily/travel essentials
  • Clothing and shoes 
  1. Talk with an Experienced Haji: 

If you are going to perform Hajj for the first time in your life, then it is wise to meet someone who already has performed Hajj. They can fill you in on all the necessary details you may need. They can give you practical tips, suggest how to navigate among the big masses of people, and how to complete all aspects of Hajj calmly and safely.  Make a list of all the possible questions you can think of, and try to meet with any friend, relative, or colleague who has performed Hajj before.

  1. Stick to Protocols:

Since the pandemic hit the world, traveling has not been the same. However, this year Saudi Arabia opened borders for one million pilgrims to perform Hajj after two years of restrictions due to Covid-19. With one million pilgrims set to enter the Holy City, one should be mindful to follow all sorts of safety protocols. Make sure you have been vaccinated for Covid-19, maintain your distance in crowds, and carry a mask. It is better to take all precautions than to catch the virus. Carry your vaccination cards with you to avoid any trouble. 

  1. Be Mindful of Weather Conditions:

Saudi Arabia is known for its hot and dry weather conditions. With Hajj 2022 coming in the month of July, the weather as expected will be extremely hot. Be mindful of the weather and carry supplies that can help you beat the heat. Carry umbrellas, hats, and sunscreen to avoid heat strokes. Sunglasses and small rechargeable fans can also come in handy throughout your journey. Another pro tip is to keep yourself hydrated and carry a small water bottle with you at all times. 

  1. Don’t Forget to Carry The Wudhu Socks:

 These were our guidelines to prepare you for the Holy Journey ahead, but there is one essential item that can help you during Hajj: The Wudhu Socks, your perfect partner for Hajj 2022. The Wudhu Socks will make your Hajj easier and more comfortable. Here are some reasons why you should bring a pair of The Wudhu Socks with you for Hajj.

The Wudhu Socks are:

  • Durable, waterproof, and breathable
  • Shari’ah compliant
  • Anti-odour and moisture wicking
  • Super comfortable!

With The Wudhu Socks you can simply wipe over your socks instead of removing them and washing your feet for each wudu. The Wudhu Socks can be used for masah (wiping over socks) during ablution (wudu). Hajj can be tiresome with constant Ibadah, prayers, and extreme physical activity, The Wudhu Socks will be helpful in bringing you comfort and ease. 

The Wudhu Socks are durable and made for your comfort. As mentioned, the weather can be hot, which makes it difficult for pilgrims to focus on their Ibadah. In such conditions, The Wudhu Socks allow moisture to escape so your feet stay drier, plus they are anti-odor. The moisture-wicking and anti-odor properties of The Wudhu Socks will help keep your feet comfortable so you can focus on performing Hajj.

The Wudhu Socks have been made for your convenience. With Hajj approaching, The Wudhu Socks make a great companion for all your adventures. The Wudhu Socks are available in different sizes and four colors. 

Head to the website for more information and to get The Wudhu Socks today! Make them your Hajj partner this year!

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