Conquest of Constantinople - The Wudhu Socks Event of the Month

Lygos, Byzantium, Constantinople, Kostantiniyye and many more. Yes, you guessed right, we are referring to the magical land of Istanbul. The gatekeeper, the connector and the glue between the worlds and the bridge between the East and the West. The streets, mosques, churches, monuments and countless other historical sites only add more vibrance and vigour to the already rich history of the city which is replete with tales of conspiracy, battles, governmental overthrows accompanied by carnage.

The siege of Istanbul has crucial importance in the Muslim history. Infact, some historians even label it as the end of the Middle Ages. The imperial conquest itself was spearheaded by Sultan Muhammad Fatih. Sources indicate that around May 29 1453, the Sultan’s forces penetrated the premises of the city and crushed the Byzantine defense. He went directly to Haghia Sophia Church and ordered to convert it into a mosque, a symbol that has caused an infinite amount of controversy and hostility since its inception.

 The result of imperial conquest was to unify the Turkish populations in Anatolia and as time went by, these small populations would eventually expand and morph into the gigantic and powerful Ottoman Empire which has allowed Turkey to become the holy ground unifying the Muslim Ummah of the East and the West.

The Conquest of Constantinople (1453) is also very much significant in the sense that before the emergence of Muslims as the rulers of the land, the Crusaders who were non-Muslims retained complete control of the trade, politics, business and the economical dynamics which were indeed very necessary for the sophistication of Muslims and help them transform into the advanced era of connectivity. Thus, the Conquest promised the start of campaigns and international relations with the land of Europe.

    “If the Earth were a single state, Istanbul would be its capital.”   (Napoleon Bonaparte)


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