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    100% Shari'ah-Compliant Socks for Wudu!


The Wudhu Socks - Jet Black

The Wudhu Socks - Classic Brown

The Wudhu Socks - Navy Blue

The Wudhu Socks - Stone Grey

Excellent Product

Jazakallah for providing us with such an amazing product. These wudhu socks are a huge benefit during work, when you can’t throw leather socks into dress shoes and don’t want to wear double socks. I will totally buy another pair next time!

Usama S.

Best Quality Socks

Very nice. Feel very comfortable. One of best item I have ever. Specially living in USA we need Wudhu Socks. Really love it. Thank you so much for making this item (Wudhu Socks).

Muhammad W.

Wudhu Socks

Alhamdulillah the service I received was fantastic. I received the socks in an express delivery free of charge as brother Umar wanted to make sure that I received it before my trip to Umrah. Amazing service and very good price

Muhammad M.

Great Socks

They are comfortable, I’ve wore them for over 12hrs and no issues/discomfort. I’ve recently bought so have to see how long they last.

Muhammad N.

Great Socks for Summers

Using them for two months and I must say these are great socks for wuzu in summers.

Vakaz Z.


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