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How The Wudhu Socks Started

It all began in 2016 at a university library when our Co-Founder, Umar Khan, had to make ablution at the library's restroom while prepraring for final exams. The ritual turned out to be more cumbersome than usual because the tissue paper was finished and a few people were waiting in line to use the sink. It was at this moment that he realized the need to redesign the traditional leather khuff (leather socks) that have been used by Muslims since the time of Prophet SAW and make Wudhu Socks that would allow Muslims around the world to perform ablution with ease everywhere, during every occasion. Umar then partnered with two close friends who both loved the idea. Together they pooled in their savings and many attempts and failures later, The Wudhu Socks were born. 

Purpose of The Wudhu Socks

Ablution in any setting, during any occasion
Extreme Comfort, Unbeatable Durability, Functional Design
Made for Muslims, by Muslims

Ever been on a long drive in the middle of winter, enjoying that light snowfall, and doodling patterns over your fogged-up window? The sudden realization that it’s time for Maghreb makes you stop. And your next thought is about having to take off your socks to dip your feet in that freezing water.

How about that time you had a few minutes for Asr left and you had to untie your sneakers, take off your socks, wash your feet, wait for them to dry, put your socks back on, and lace-up your shoes before you could run to the prayer room?

Or that moment out in the wilderness when you had to perform ablution with the help of a water bottle? Hopping around with a foot in the air while you wash the other and making sure it stays off the dirty ground. We’ve all been there. We’ve all done that awkward little dance while we waited for one foot to dry before we washed the second.

That’s what made us decide to recreate, redesign, and revolutionize the idea of waterproof socks. Initially, they weren’t made for ablution; not being as comfortable, not being able to be worn for longer periods of time, and not designed for day-to-day settings.

The Wudhu Socks were made by Muslims for Muslims with a simple idea at our foundation – Muslims being able to perform ablution comfortably in any setting, and during any occasion.  

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