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Fencing is a sport of precision and requires the players to have quick, swift and flexible movements. There is a rising trend for the sport, observable in many parts of the world, especially the USA. Today, we are going to shed some light on a very determined Muslim woman who is paving her own path, breaking barriers, stereotypes and setting an example for Muslim women around the world.

Born in New Jersey in 1985, Ibtihaj Muhammad acquired the love for fencing during her early school years. She noticed that the sport conformed with the religious dress code prescribed for women in Islam. She continued to wear the hijab as a source of inspiration for other young women and girls around the world; to show them that it was possible to pursue their passions and dreams while staying true to their beliefs.

What I loved most about fencing was it allowed me to pursue my desire to be involved in sports, but also allowed me to be myself as a Muslim woman.” ( Ibtihaj Muhammad, Elle Magazine, 2016)

She continued fencing along with her education at Duke University where she got a dual bachelors' degree in international relations and African and African-American studies.

Ibtihaj holds the honor of being the first African American Muslim woman to ever represent the USA and win a medal at the Olympics. In the Team Sabre Event at the Summer Olympics in 2016, she won the bronze medal as part of Team USA

Apart from being extremely competitive and determined, Ibtihaj also has a very compassionate side to her personality. She continues to contribute and take part in social causes. She represents the U.S. Department of State’s Empowering Women and Girls Through Sport Initiative and has also provided motivational lectures at various public engagements and conventions concerned with sports and education.

She has started her own company, designing apparel for Muslim women who are interested in sports but at the same time want to conform to their Islamic beliefs.

Therefore, Ibhitaj Muhammad is not just a name. She is a revolution in the true sense of the word and the finest, modern-day example of a Muslim woman who continues to excel at what she is passionate about without having to give up on her beliefs. She is a source of inspiration for Muslims around the world and this is why The TWS Team decided to write about her for International Women's Day. 

We would love to hear what you have to say about Ibtihaj and also your own stories about how you, as a young Muslim woman, strive to strike a balance between your passions and beliefs. 


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Author: Muhammad Tayyab (muhammadtayyabmt@gmail.com)

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