15 Benefits of The Wudhu Socks!

15 benefits of The Wudu Socks (Socks for wuzu)

We wanted to make The Wudhu Socks the perfect companions for your halal adventures and to help get you through your day faithfully. Designed and perfected with the needs of Muslims in mind, we made The Wudhu Socks for all-day use and year-round comfort!

1) Shari'ah-Compliant:

The Wudhu Socks are 100% Shariah-compliant, which means that we have got official Islamic rulings from renowned Islamic institutions (including Darul Uloom, Karachi) on them. We meticulously ensure that the guidelines presented by the Fuqaha (Islamic jurisprudence) for the khuff (socks for ablution) are fulfilled. This means that you can perform masah on The Wudhu Socks without ever doubting their credibility, in sha Allah. 

You can read the Islamic ruling here.

2) Waterproof:

The Wudhu Socks are entirely waterproof, which means that water doesn't pass through the waterproof membrane when you perform masah (wipe over socks). The Wudhu Socks will keep your feet dry so that you can put your feet back in your shoes with ease and comfort.

3) Breathable:

The Wudhu Socks have micropores that keep the air flowing and the water out. The fresh air maintains ventilation, preventing unpleasant odor, and fungal growth in moist areas of your feet.

4) Anti-Odor:

Bamboo fiber, don't we love it! It not only makes our Wudhu Socks eco-friendly, but the natural antimicrobial property keeps the unpleasant odor at bay and makes them suitable for all-day use. You also don't have to worry about washing them again and again (yay!).

5) Antimicrobial:

As aforementioned, the bamboo fiber that makes the inner layer of The Wudhu Socks is antimicrobial, keeping your feet healthy and free of all that terrible bacteria, and also preventing fungal growth that people who use socks for extended periods tend to face.

6) Extreme Softness:

Bamboo fiber is incredibly soft! Keeping the needs of Muslims in mind, we designed them for all-day comfort. Composed of bamboo fiber, the inner layer of The Wudhu Socks is super soft, making them the perfect companions for your feet.

7) Very Durable:

The outer layer of The Wudhu Socks is knitted from nylon, which makes The Wudhu Socks very durable. To fulfill the Shari'ah requirements for khuff (socks for wudu), we walked 3 miles in The Wudhu Socks without shoes on solid pavement!

8) Moisture-Wicking:

Did you know that bamboo fiber is naturally porous, which makes it 40% more moisture-absorbent than the finest cotton? The Wudhu Socks will wick the moisture and sweat from your feet much faster than other socks, keeping your feet dry and comfortable.

9) Eco-Friendly:

As Muslims, we are required to preserve the planet and use its resources sustainably. As a Muslim-owned brand, we want to uphold this duty, and that is why we use eco-friendly and sustainable products to make our Wudhu Socks. The inner layer is composed of bamboo fiber, which uses 1/3 less water than cotton and is a self-replenishing resource.

10) Thermal Regulation:

Naturally porous, bamboo fiber is an excellent thermal regulator. The inner layer of The Wudhu Socks is made out of the bamboo fiber, which will keep your feet comfortable throughout the seasons.

11) Fit In Shoes With Ease:

One of the major problems with leather khuff is that they don't fit in shoes comfortably. We tackled this issue by ensuring The Wudhu Socks are light and thin, allowing you to fit them in your regular shoes with ease.

12) Machine-Washable:

When you want to wash them, you can just toss The Wudhu Socks in the washing machine and tumble dry them as well. You can read the complete instructions here.

13) Non-Leather:

The Wudhu Socks are non-leather khuff that have been certified by renowned Islamic institutions and can be used just like the traditional leather socks for wudu.

14) All-Year Comfort:

With all of these qualities covered, The Wudhu Socks will faithfully get you through the year with comfort, and ease, in sha Allah!

15) By Muslims, for Muslims!

TWS is a Muslim-owned brand that helps return to the Muslim community as well by helping support various disadvantaged communities in Muslim countries. Alhamdulillah, a percentage of our revenue goes towards TWS Footprints' (our social venture) activities.

Get Your 100% Waterproof, Breathable, And Shari'ah-Compliant Wudhu Socks Now!


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I am Environmental Engineer and I loved to read the benefits. I already ordered mine! Thank you TWS!


MashaAllah!! Good to know all the benefits of having TWS. I’m very excited to order my first pair right now inshaAllah.
Guys may Allah bless and reward you for everything you are making to help the Muslim community.

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

Burhan Mohamed Abdulkadir

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