The Wudhu Socks

The Wudhu Socks 365: Year-Round Comfort

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Note: The Wudhu Socks are delivered worldwide, alhamdulillah, free of charge.

Composition: Inner layer: Bamboo Fiber (Extra Comfort), Outer Layer: Nylon (Added Durability), Middle Layer: Waterproof and Breathable Membrane

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The Wudhu Socks 365 are the most versatile and functional Wudhu Socks yet. Designed and perfected for all-day and year-round comfort, The Wudhu Socks are the perfect wudu (ablution) companions! With an inner bamboo fiber layer for extra comfort and an outer nylon layer for added durability, The Wudhu Socks 365 have been designed with the diverse needs of Muslims in mind! 

Long work hours, exhausting tasks, and back-to-back meetings result in rushed ablution and even missed prayers. That's where The Wudhu Socks come in. The Wudhu Socks 365 are designed for those Muslims who have overflowing agendas and tiring routines. Want to stride across a conference room while your feet sit snugly in these professional-looking socks? 

For all of you Muslim trendsetters out there, the athletes, the ones who push themselves to the finish line- we've got a pair of Wudhu Socks for you! The Wudhu Socks 365 are both trendy and comfortable, durable and flexible. So no need to worry about sweaty feet and stinky socks anymore. Grab your TWS 365 now!