The Wudhu Socks: Perfect gift for Eid

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By: Simran Malik

With Eid just around the corner, Muslims around the world are gearing up to welcome the religious holiday. Eid is the occasion of love, brotherhood, peace and joy. One of the most common and most awaited traditions of Eid is gift giving. We shower our loved ones with gifts, as a token of our love. If you are wondering what can be the perfect gift this Eid, then we are here to help you! The Wudhu Socks is one of the most thoughtful and versatile gifts for your loved ones. You can add a touch of comfort, convenience and style in the lives of your family with The Wudhu Socks.  

Eid ul Fitr marks the end of the Holy month of Ramadan: a month of fasting, ibadah, reflection and charity. Ramadan is also a month of countless blessings. The Holy month of Ramadan is not just about abstaining from food and fasting, it is much more than that. It is the month of abstaining from evil and from negative actions, habits, and thoughts. During Ramadan our relationship with the Almighty is evolved and transformed into something stronger and deeper. 

With the end of Ramadan, Allah blesses his creation with Eid ul Fitr, the most eagerly awaited religious holiday. Eid is celebrated during the first three days of Shawwal (the tenth month in the Islamic Calendar). Muslims around the globe gather together to celebrate the festival. Dressed up in new and fresh clothes, with glittering eyes, big smiles on our faces and with our hearts filled with joy, we celebrate our Eid.

Eid and Gift Giving:

One of the most common traditions during Eid is gift giving or “Eidi”. Children look forward to their Eidi with much excitement and anticipation. After all, it is all about giving and sharing love. Apart from the children, our elders exchange gifts out of love and affection.

If you are wondering, “What should I give my loved ones this Eid?” that can be thoughtful, something that will benefit them, then the answer to your question is: The Wudhu Socks!

Make The Wudhu Socks your “happy Eid sock” this year for your friends and family!

The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) encouraged the practice of giving gifts saying: “Give gifts to one another, you will love each other” (Hadith, Al Mufrad).

The Wudhu Socks are the perfect companion in all the adventures of your life: from Ramadan, Hajj, Umrah, Eid or during your daily life routine. You can bring ease and comfort into your daily routine with The Wudhu Socks. What makes them the perfect gift this Eid?

Here are a few reasons for them to be the best gift for your loved ones:

  1. Durable, Waterproof and Breathable:

One of the key features of The Wudhu Socks is that they are very durable, thanks to the nylon material with which the outer layer is constructed. They must pass a very strict durability test to conform to Shari’ah. Another plus point of The Wudhu Socks is that they are waterproof and breathable! (Yes, you read that right: modern technology has enabled us to create waterproof and breathable socks!) With The Wudhu Socks on your feet, life becomes much easier. Now you can simply wipe over your socks instead of removing them and washing your feet for each wudhu.

  1. Super Comfortable:

What makes The Wudhu Socks super comfortable? It is the bamboo fiber of the innermost layer of the socks making them feel so comfy. The Wudhu Socks have been designed for comfort – unlike leather khuffs – and can be worn all day long. Also, the bamboo fiber helps makes the socks more eco-friendly (and you can never go wrong with protecting mother nature).

  1. Companion on All Your Adventures:

The Wudhu Socks without a doubt can be your trusted companion in all the adventures of life to come. They are versatile, they are sophisticated – and most importantly – you can wear them anytime, anywhere!

If you are going for a hike, they are perfect for it. If you have a meeting, you can pair them up with your formal shoes. Are you going for a jog? Then The Wudhu Socks will fit perfectly with your running shoes. In all of these situations they allow your feet to breathe which helps to keep them dry and reduces odor.

  1. Shari’ah Compliant:

You may be wondering if these socks are Shari’ah compliant? Is it possible to perform wudhu (ablution) with these socks? The answer to these questions is yes!

The Wudhu Socks have official Islamic rulings (fatwa) from renowned Islamic institutions, including Darul Uloom, Karachi and Darus Salam, Chicago. Therefore, The Wudhu Socks can be used for masah (wiping over socks) during ablution (wudhu).

  1. The Wudhu Socks are Halal:

Eid ul Fitr is just around the corner, followed by Hajj and then Eid ul Adha. Muslims around the world look forward to these occasions as they hold great value for them. And during Hajj, The Wudhu Socks can be your best partner. With constant ibadah, prayers and tremendous amount of physical activity, they will be very helpful in bringing you and your loved ones comfort and ease.

This is particularly true for older people or people with mobility problems, who may find it difficult to remove socks and wash feet for wudhu.

Be it Hajj or Umrah, you can never go wrong with wearing The Wudhu Socks so you can better focus on your ibabdah and salah. 

  1. Anti-Odor and Moisture Wicking:

We all know that it is pleasant and hygienic to wear socks that do not make your feet sweat (and cause bad odor). One of the most amazing features of The Wudhu Socks is that they are anti-odor and moisture wicking, thanks to the breathable waterproof membrane and the bamboo fiber composition of the socks. The breathable inner membrane allows the moisture to not be trapped next to your skin, and the natural properties of bamboo fiber keep the odor away. Your feet will be sweat-free while you are on the go!

To sum things up: The Wudhu Socks are the perfect gift for your family and friends. You can make the lives of your loved ones easier, more comfortable, and even stylish with these amazing and versatile socks. They are available in four eye-pleasing colors and different sizes to fit you. Now Muslims can benefit from the convenience of The Wudhu Socks. This is especially important for people who find it difficult to perform wudhu (ablution) five times a day. There is a special contentment that comes from knowing that you helped to make the lives of your loved ones easier and more comfortable by making their wudhu easier to perform. For all these reasons, The Wudhu Socks are the perfect gift for Eid! 

Head to the website for more information and to get The Wudhu Socks today!

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