Creating a Sacred Space Anywhere: The Modern Muslim’s Guide

Creating a Sacred Space Anywhere: The Modern Muslim’s Guide
The very foundation of Islam stands upon the concept of Tauheed (Oneness of God) closely followed by Prayer, Salah. Salah is the second pillar of Islam and is obligatory on all Muslims. It has been discussed extensively in both the Quran and the Hadith, not just the process of it but also the pre-requisites for it and cases of exemption etc. Unless one falls under the category of exemption, a Muslim is required to offer his prayers at all costs. Having such importance should give this worship a very high place in our lives but unfortunately that is not so. Prayers are neglected, especially where work and education are concerned and sometimes the lack of a masjid to pray is presented as an excuse. It therefore falls on the Muslims to take this obligation seriously and to make time and room for it in its prescribed times.

The idea of having a ‘sacred space’ is not just limited to Islam but also employed by other religions as well as those who follow the ideas of mediation and spiritualism. From an Islamic perspective, this is a small space singularly focused upon for purpose of worship. Such a space at work might be different from a specific area reserved for prayer at home, but the objective is to achieve the goal: A place that is prayer friendly and provides a tranquil environment for undisturbed worship.

Practical Ways to Create a Portable Prayer Space

Creating a sacred space for prayer at home is relatively easy than finding a worship friendly place in public areas especially in non-Muslim countries where masjids are scarce. Yet, it is important to remember that Islam is a religion of ease and nothing it asks is impossible. If one carries the relevant items needed to create a makeshift prayer space, the probability of finding a suitable space becomes easier. To accommodate one’s religious needs, it is advisable to keep a small bag in your car or even allot a pocket of your laptop bag or hand carry which can carry necessary items to facilitate one’s worship in an area that does not ideally offer any space for prayers.

  1. A place that is Distraction-free

To be free from all possible distractions, look for a place that offers the best retreat from the hubbub around you, whether it is a workplace, marketplace or even the street. Both visual and sound distractions can disrupt any form of worship and the best way to avoid them and any possible interruptions from co-workers and the like is to create a buffer between you and them. A portable space can be formed almost anywhere but it is recommended to choose a corner or a room that caters best to your needs and provides the peace and tranquility you need for your prayers.

  1. A Portable Prayer-Mat

Finding a prayer mat can be a challenging task especially in non-Muslim countries, and you cannot always pray anywhere you want to. A Muslim’s place of prayer should be pure and devoid of any filth. To ensure that, it is best to carry one’s own personal portable prayer mat that can be used anywhere where needed. The ABDEEZ Portable Prayer Mat with Built-in Qibla Compass is a highly convenient item to carry for the purpose of creating a sacred space. Not only is it easy-to-carry and easily fit in a bag, but it also has a built-in compass for the correct guidance towards Qibla. For greater ease to those having difficulties sitting on the floor for long, the ABDEEZ Prayer Rug with Backrest provides an opportunity to worship in comfort with its innovative design that is an amalgam of practicality and style. Not only is it a useful item aiding in comfort in worship but also something that is portable and can be comfortably carried.

  1. Bathroom

If your prayer or worship is likely to take some time it is prudent to choose a spot that is closer to the bathroom for ease in wudhu. If the lack of a muslim shower bothers you, the ABDEEZ Portable Bidet is a very handy device to carry to provide the same function.

  1. Other Prayer Aids to Carry

For additional worship other than prayer, it is recommended to carry other related items that would aid in taking advantage of a meditative and tranquil environment. If one has the time, a pocket Quran can be used for recitation and if one is short of sight then keeping a pair of reading glasses in a bag that contains all the necessary items for creating a place for prayer. A tasbeeh (prayer beads or rosary) can also be added for the purpose of Zikr (remembrance of Allah SWT). Additionally, carry a notebook or pen if you are not a digital person in case you need to mark down Qada salahs or something similar.

  1. Caps for Men, Shawls for Women

Your bag containing the necessary items for fashioning a makeshift sacred space should also have a skull-cap for men and in case of females, A shawl that covers the body so as to be prepared when standing for Salah. At times, the clothes are not sufficient enough to cover the ‘Sattar’ (required part to cover) and a shawl would ensure that requirement of Salah is met when one starts to pray.

Learn how to create a sacred space for prayer anywhere, even in non-Muslim countries. Carry a portable prayer mat, essential prayer aids, and find distraction-free spaces for undisturbed worship. Create a peaceful prayer environment for consistent devotion.


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