7 Best Halal Business Ideas For Muslim Owned Businesses In 2023

halal business ideas to get started on business

Being a Muslim, you need to be careful about what business you choose because there are many things our Islam doesn’t allow, and people are still doing it because they don't know. This article is perfect for you if you are struggling to find the best halal business ideas for Muslim Owned Businesses.

Halal means permitted, and haram means not allowed. Muslims mostly use halal and haram, but these terms are applied to every situation. Halal also means everything that is according to Islamic rules.

Most Muslim products have a ‘Halal’ tag which means all the items included, including food, cosmetics, self-care products, or pharmaceutical products, are halal, and all Muslims can have it. For example, pork is haram in Islam, so all Muslims are prohibited from eating pork.

Let's directly get into the business ideas. But before we start, the business also depends on what you want to do. If you love cooking, you can open a restaurant; if you love traveling, you can open a traveling agency. Making your passion into your business can be very beneficial.

A Halal Clothing Store

A halal clothing store is the best business idea. You can have all types of Muslim clothing in your store. The dress can be exclusively for women, for men, or both. You can have burqas, hijab, shalwar kameez, dupattas, scarves, and all types of clothing for women.

If you want a men's clothing store, you can have shalwar kameez, hajj clothing, or caps in your store. There is a wide variety of child clothing that you can have in your store.

A clothing store is an enjoyable and exciting business. As this business constantly challenges your creativity. Note that your store needs a good location for it to flourish more. Also, if you cannot afford a store, you can start an online clothing store, as everyone is doing.

Start A Food Truck

Food trucks nowadays are one of the growing businesses in populated cities. A food truck is a great initiative to start small and extend after success. It is also very convenient as the restaurant is in a car, and it is easy to move around.

Also, you can find good spots like outside schools, colleges, play areas, or parks and park your truck there to sell food. All the food should be halal so Muslims can easily buy it without thinking twice. 

For the growth of your business, you can market it on social media and register it on maps to show your exact location. You can also custom-make your app so people can easily locate your location.

Start A Travel Agency

If you love traveling, then starting a travel agency is a yes. Starting a travel agency is a halal business. All you have to do is communicate with the client and arrange their tour by remaining in the principles of Islam.

You will arrange hotels, vehicles, and flights for your client. You can start online or open a shop; also, you need a website for the client’s convenience.

Start A Bed And Breakfast

Bed and Breakfast is an excellent and popular business service that most people provide in tourism-friendly areas. You can go for this business if you have a spare room.

So. you need to provide a space for tourists to stay and provide them with food like Breakfast, and they will pay you for it. You can start this business online, or you can register yourself in a travel agency so that they can get you clients.

Start A Candle Shop Business

If you have a creative mind and an entrepreneurial soul present in you, then starting a candle business would be an excellent halal business idea for you. Candle shop is a trendy and fast-growing business. And it is straightforward to create.

You don’t have to go big, and you can even start this business at home by making the product yourself and selling it online.

It is the best way to show your creativity, as there are thousands of candle ideas out there, and you can make your version of it. In today's era, candles are so in everyone is buying them to make their mood, and also they are aesthetically pleasing.

Today's generation is all about aesthetics, so that you can add an aesthetic touch to your candles with organic ingredients and a calming scent.

The good thing about this business is you can experiment with different things according to your liking. You can make your signature scent and sell it online; you can even master the skills by joining any online course.

The first step would be learning, and then you can buy all the ingredients necessary for its making and make a beautiful piece out of it. Secure it in beautiful packaging and sell it online. For marketing, you can use social media and then create your website. This business can be a huge success.

Start A Freelance Writing Business

Writing business is very famous in the market these days. If you love writing, you can change it into a business, start getting clients and make money.

Freelancing is a halal business as you provide your skills for money. Freelancing has perks, as you are bound for hours and can work any time you want while staying home.

Start A BookShop Business

You can start a bookshop business online as well as in-store. It all depends on your investment. If you have a huge investment, then go for a shop.

If you are starting a small business, then you can go online. You can sell all genres of books, like novels, course books, etc., and make your customers from them.

You can also open a Quran and Islamic book store, where you only sell Islamic books and Quran. This business can also be a great source of income and is very halal.


There are so many halal business ideas. You can start any business; it all depends on what kind of interest you have. You can either start something you love and make it profitable or something that is for sure. In the end, you just got to make sure it is halal and according to the principles of Islam.

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