Interview With Co-Founder of TWS on Halalop

Halalop Interview with The Wudhu Socks - Socks for wudhu - masah over socks

Achieving success in business is an important topic for all business owners, and for Muslims, we can achieve business success by having barakah in the business. Barakah means the blessings of Allah s.w.t.

We spoke with the founder of The Wudhu Socks Co-Founder who is an entrepreneur, and a hafiz (Quran memorizer) about how he achieved success with barakah in his business. We also spoke about what wudhu socks are, who is it for, and on how to get barakah in the business.

Some of the tips shared on how to get barakah in business is by marketing your products with Islamic values, making Allah s.w.t a partner in your business, and by putting in the effort.

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