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The Wudhu Socks 365 - Stone Grey

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Get your Wudhu Socks 365 now in Stone Grey and with anti-pilling nylon!

Composition: Inner layer: Bamboo Fiber (Extra Comfort), Outer Layer: Anti-Pilling Nylon (Added Durability), Middle Layer: Waterproof and Breathable Membrane

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  • ☂ 100% Waterproof & Breathable - The Wudhu Socks are designed to suit every season, allowing you to use them for prolonged periods of time with no discomfort. The Wudhu Socks are breathable, moisture-wicking, anti-odor, and extremely durable, making them the perfect companions for performing ablution (wudu) with ease. Also great for your outdoor needs, like hiking, trekking, mountaineering, skiing, snow shoveling, cycling, fishing, sight-seeing, gardening, and everything else you love doing!
  • ✔ 100% Shari'ah-Compliant - With official Islamic rulings (fatwa) from renowned Islamic institutions, The Wudhu Socks fulfill all the requirements for masah during ablution (wudhu, wuzu, wudu).
  • ✔ Extremely Durable - We walked three miles in The Wudhu Socks without shoes and they were as good as new, Alhamdulillah! That means they will faithfully get you through all those highs and lows.
  • ✔ Thermal Regulation - Unlike other waterproof socks and the traditional leather socks (khuff), The Wudhu Socks have an inner layer of bamboo fiber which is not only extremely comfortable but also has thermal-regulatory properties which makes them suitable for every season and every occasion. Bamboo fiber is also an eco-friendly alternative to cotton and other fabrics used in clothing.
  • ✔ Fit The Wudhu Socks in Your Shoes with Ease - Designed and perfected for the needs of Muslims and outdoor adventurers everywhere, your Wudhu Socks-clad feet will fit snugly in any pair of shoes. The perfect companions for your delicate feet The Wudhu Socks are an investment in your spiritual and physical life.

Made because we care.

Size Guide:

Small 35 - 41 4 - 10
Medium 42 - 44 10.5 - 11
Large 45 - 46 11.5 - 13



Best Wudhu Socks

“Comfortable. Water proof. Look like regular socks. Bought one pair and, after I saw that the waterproof capability survived a couple of washes, ordered a five-pack.”

By Rukhsana G.

Really great product

"I am absolutely happy with my purchase. The quality is great and the price is quite reasonable compared to other brands out there. It's also a practical gift to someone else."

By Mohd Y.

So worth it!!!

"These socks are amazing. Comfortable and certainly excel at serving the purpose. I wish I had found them sooner."

By Ola M.